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The Three Represents – S15.1

A collection of speeches and essays by Chinese president, Xi Jinping, was recently published under the title, The Governance of China (2014). Throughout the book, reference is continually made to a foundational set of guiding principles and objectives associated with … Continue reading

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Space Is No Escape

The following excerpt is from the fifth chapter of my upcoming book, Governance and Social Leadership (Cape Breton University Press). The chapter deals with resource management as a way in which to conceive of the relationship between governance and leadership. … Continue reading

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Entropy – 6219-4

The notion of entropy comes to us from the second law of thermodynamics. This law states that every isolated system will tend towards a state of homogeneity or equilibrium. What this means is that a system, like an organization, has … Continue reading

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Theories about Theories – 6219 Day One

Axiologies answer the question of what we value. There are two essential components to an axiology, the first dealing with ethics and the second dealing with aesthetics. Ethics has enjoyed a rapid rise in interest over the last couple of … Continue reading

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Traits and Behaviors – 6106 Day Five

By the time we are at a place in our life where, either through workplace training or formal education, we begin to learn about leadership in a systematic manner, we have already developed a rather complex, elaborate, and for the … Continue reading

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