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Projects, Networks, and Temporary Organizations – S19.3

In a 2018 article in the International Journal of Project Management (Vol. 36, No. 1, pp. 4-11), Jorg Sydow and Timo Braun provide a rationale for conceptualizing projects as temporary organizations. They relate that within the practice and study of … Continue reading

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It’s Who You Know – S16.3

One of the essential aspects of a governance system is how information is gathered and shared in an organization. When systems are viewed as hierarchies of reporting relationships, it is easy to assume that information will flow along the paths … Continue reading

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Networks and organizational change

In 2003, in The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, Cathleen McGrath and David Krackhardt published a study comparing how three alternative, and to some extent conflicting, models of network structure would support organizational change. The density model is based on … Continue reading

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Governance and Social Leadership

I have been teaching courses on various aspects of governance and leadership to a range of audiences for more than twenty years. Whether that audience consists of members of a voluntary association or university students, and whether the duration is … Continue reading

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