Economic development and development economics


Economic development and development economics are related concepts that refer to our efforts to understand and eradicate the economic disparities that exist between nations, as well as between regions within individual countries, and even between neighboring communities. While socioeconomic inequality has existed since the establishment of human settlements, our current understanding of these concepts emerged after World War II, primarily as a result of the American perspective that part of its post-war obligation/mission was to modernize the so-called underdeveloped nations of the world. This initiative became the mandate of the so-called Bretton Woods organizations (World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and what would later be known as the World Trade Organization).

Economic development is the action of increasing the socioeconomic status of a group, as a result of the establishment of enabling policies, or through community-based initiatives. Both the mechanisms and the products of development can include such aspects as increasing…

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About Robert A. Campbell, PhD

Robert A. Campbell, PhD, teaches courses in change management, leadership, and organizational behavior, as part of the MBA program in community economic development, for the Shannon School of Business at Cape Breton University.
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