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Looking for Insight – F14.8

Vision is often identified as one of the key characteristics or tasks of leadership. Having foresight – the ability to see into the future – is viewed as a major difference between leading and managing (dealing with here and now). … Continue reading

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Book Interviews

The purpose of this brief post is to provide you with a link to a series of interviews that I did with my CBU colleague Rod Nicholls, in which we discuss various aspects of my book Governance and Social Leadership … Continue reading

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Meetings, the Waigaya Way – F14.7

Meetings are both a constant feature and a constant source of frustration in organizational life. Countless articles and books have been written offering techniques and tips to make meetings more efficient and more effective. Much of the advice centers around … Continue reading

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John Maxwell – Leadership Guru – F14.6

Leadership gurus, usually through some combination of experience, expertise, and public appeal, become established as the go-to people whenever we are looking for someone to give a speech, lead a seminar, or provide us with something new and inspiring to … Continue reading

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