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Best Leadership Books

The seventh chapter of Governance and Social Leadership (Cape Breton University Press, 2014) is devoted to the topic of understanding leadership. Following sections on the relationship between management and leadership, what the experts have to say about leadership, and what … Continue reading

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Leadership and Influence – S14.8

There is a long history of linking the leadership process with the idea of influence. Simply stated, leaders influence followers and goals are accomplished. But, what is influence and how does it work? Robert Cialdini is widely recognized as the … Continue reading

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Focus and Crisis – S14.7

Daniel Goleman discusses three modes of attention – focus on self, focus on others, focus on the wider world – to shed light on some essential aspects of leadership practice (Harvard Business Review, December 2013). He bases his analysis on … Continue reading

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Breathing Leadership – S14.6

In Leadership for the Disillusioned (Allen & Unwin, 2007), management professor and yoga teacher, Amanda Sinclair suggests that we have constructed leadership as a disembodied activity. She focuses on the seemingly simple act of breathing to demonstrate how re-embodying leadership … Continue reading

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Sailing the Ocean Blue – S14.5

In a recent Harvard Business Review article (May 2014), Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne describe the concept of blue ocean leadership. Before saying anything about the theory, allow me to interpret the metaphor first. The concept of ocean implies vastness … Continue reading

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Managing Yourself – S14.4

In a short essay on learning to manage yourself (Harvard Business Review, October 2012), Eric Sinoway suggests that before you set out to accomplish a significant goal you should ask yourself two questions: “Do you have the required core capacities: … Continue reading

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Place and Space – S14.3

Arja Ropo et al. (Leadership, 2013, 9(3): 378-395) ask the following question: “How do places and spaces construct and perform leadership?” While not denying that individuals identified as leaders can influence others to think and act in particular ways, they … Continue reading

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